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Multimetras UT15C

Gamintojas:UNI-T, vandeniui atsparus.


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Aprašymas: Voltage LED Steps (AC/D) 12V: between 0 to 12V LED will illuminate
24V: between 19V ± 2V LED will illuminate
50V: between 48V ± 6V LED will illuminate
120V: between 110V ± 20V LED will illuminate
230V: between 200V ± 20V LED will illuminate
400V: between 340V ± 30V LED will illuminate
690V: between 520V ± 30V LED will illuminate
Continuity Test Range 0 to 100k?. The continuity LED will illuminate
and buzzer will sound.
Phase Rotation Test 50Hz to 60Hz
Range Selection Automatic
Polarity Detection Positive & Negative
Low Battery Display Short circuit two leads, LED and beeper do not on that means
the battery is low
Single Lead (L2) Voltage
Detection It is intended only as a quick check. 100V to 690V;
50Hz to 400Hz
Short Circuit Detection 
LCD display (AC/DC) 24V to 690V: ±(3%+5)
Power 1.5V Battery (AAA) x 2
LCD Size 23 x 12mm
Product Size 275 x 51 x 30mm